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First things first, you’re going to want to know a bit about me, right? OK, let me start.

The name’s James Henderson (HURR DURR it’s in the title), and I like videogames (as hinted at in the title). I don’t do a hell of a lot much else in my life other than listen to music and have deep thoughts about nothing. This blog is intended to be a sort-of portal into my mindset, perhaps even a way to try and see if there’s other people out there that share the same ways of looking at life as I do, and of course to rant about videogames and news events usually read at places like Kotaku and IGN and the like. Anyway you’ve probably lost interest in me by now but if you are interested in what’s happening in gaming and you want to share your opinions on different things with me, then by all means comment and share them opinions. I’m open to new ways of seeing things and seeing how other people come to have those opinions so I’m not going to start off-the-bat and say “Sorry, you’re wrong and I’m right”. That’s be the first sign of douchebaggery and I know that I’m better than that.

ANYWAY, usual story, ad-bot comments will be deleted unless it’s a linkback from a relevant source of information to the source, flaming other commentators isn’t allowed, insert generic rules here and that’s it really.

Also, I’m a bit new at this whole blogging business but don’t go easy on me, yeah? It’s a learning experience and sometimes a baptism of fire is the best start you can get.


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