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So it’s that time of the year again, New Year’s Eve. A time to look back at the year that was, and what all you could have done but either weren’t able to, or were too lazy to at least try. I’ll not be looking back though, I’ll be looking forwards, and into 2010 in videogames. Here’s some of my top picks in terms of what you should be keeping an eye on during the start of the Tens. Man that feels funny to say, Tens. It’s not like Nineties or Eighties, or even Noughties (I’d have personally called it Zeros or Ohs but they just had to make everything rare didn’t they?). (more…)


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Farenheit (Indigo Prophecy in the US)

Yesterday, during the aforementioned Steam Sale, I finally got a good chance to pick up Farenheit – Indigo Prophecy to you American readers that don’t want to get confused with Michael Moore’s movie of the same name. Fahrenheit comes to us from Quantic Dream, the French production studio that’s due to bring us Heavy Rain early next year. Heavy Rain will be a somewhat spiritual successor to Farenheit, but there is no connection between the stories. (more…)

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Steam Christmas Sale

Wow. Steam seem to be going all-out on the last minute bargains for gamers wanting to treat each other to some fun this Christmas, as they’ve slashed what’d appear to be a small Brazilian rainforest worth of prices across most of their range. Believe me, if there’s someone you forgot about, and want to give them the gift of a game this year, believe me, now’s the time to do it. But there is a few grinches lurking in the store. More after the jump. (more…)

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.. and it’s Rage Against The Machine!

In what has been possibly the biggest chart battle of the decade, the real winners are Sony, who must be rubbing their hands with glee at the amount of sales generated by both parties.

Joe McElderry had won the X Factor this year and was widely expected to have taken the title, while Rage Against The Machine’s entry was fueled by a Facebook campaign united against the X Factor’s apparent monopoly over the Christmas #1 with its smart TV schedulings and media attention.

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Today saw the European release of the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Demo (dubbed Trial Ops) and I found myself with an hour on my hands, so I thought I’d give a little bit of a hands-on first impressions of it.


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After some of the talk already circulating about Green Day getting a full-sized track pack expansion to Rock Band (with most of it talking smack about the band) I figured I’d chip in my 2 cents about my take on these style of games and how they should be sold. (more…)

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War Between Soldiers and Demomen

It’s been 16 hours since the war started between the Soldiers and Demomen of Team Fortress 2, and the first body count figures have arrived from MannCo HQ. (more…)

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