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Well with it being the post-season in terms of gaming, with it being after Christmas and all (or pre-season if you’ve seen Q1’s strength this year) I figured I might as well clue you guys up as to what I have planned for the next week or 2.

This week should see me finishing up a piece I’m putting together about Dwarf Fortress, a freeware strategy game by Bay 12 Games, and if it isn’t done this week, next week should see a review of Demon’s Souls, GameSpot.com’s 2009 Game Of The Year, which, incidentally, isn’t available in stores in Europe, but you can import and play it so long as you have a high-definition TV, seeing as the PAL TV frequencies here don’t match up to the NTSC equivalent in America, meaning if you’re on your old box, this is going to be all in black and white. And I’ve tried to play this game in black and white. Trust me, you really don’t want to.

If I should stumble on anything else noteworthy, you’ll certainly see it here. But at this time of the year, unless someone buys me Bayonetta so I can have a go at it, I wouldn’t bet on it.


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