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Criterion Games Tweet

Well folks, the great run’s come to an end. For what was the best post-release support I’ve ever seen for a game, Criterion’s finally said  “when” on Burnout Paradise DLC. Perhaps this would have something to do with their as-yet-unnamed Need for Speed game they are due to release this year. Either way, since we have to stop asking them for more Burnout stuff, maybe now’s the time to get more requests in for BLACK 2!


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Demon's Souls

Demon’s Souls is a dungeon-crawl hack-and-slash real-time RPG (is there such a genre?), much akin perhaps to Dark Cloud on the PS2, if anyone remembers that. The premise of the story is, some whack-job king (who also happened to be a channeller of sorts) accidentally summoned some sort of crazed demon god and said demon proceeded to cast a fog over the kingdom that makes everyone batshit insane and bloodthirsty. Right, absurd story out of the way, time to see how crazy that sounds after you have a controller in your hand.


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