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People that follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter will know how much I love this game. Canabalt is a Flash game and iPhone app made by Semi Secret Software. It was released in September 2009. Its premise is simple, run, jump, and survive. Simple right? Yeah it is. But there’s still a lot under the hood of this game. Is it worth the €2.39 on the App Store? That’s what I’m about to tell you.

(Note: For any of of you out there that also read Tim Rogers over at action button dot net, there’s going to be an agreement of ideals behind the game (and others) that borderlines on plagiarism. I do agree with Tim and what he said, but I’m trying my best to get my own words and feelings behind it, so Tim, if you ever stumble on this, and feel somewhat violated and pissed off that I’m ripping you off, just ask me and I’ll take it down.) (more…)


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