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I can’t believe it’s nearly that time already! I’d thought about for ages, talked about it for ages, and on Wednesday I’ll finally be going! And my oh my has it taken its sweet time about doing so.


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Right, I just had this conversation with someone I haven’t talked to for the guts of about a year:

Him: Hey
Me: Hey, what’s up? Long time no speak!
Him: Just finished watching Family Guy saeson 9, you?
Me: Well, since I last saw you I dropped out of college, started writing a gaming blog, got picked up by another blog, am struggling finding work days at my day job, and somehow can still afford to go to London next week.
Him: Not so bad.


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It started with a pinhole

The other side

Applied some pressure

Momentum was gained.

Expansion occurred

As the area surrounding

Started to give way

It begins.

Slowly it widens

Until forced the full way

Pinhole no more

Large scale erosion.

No further resistance

The flow advances

The dam walls burst.

I cried when you left.

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You may remember the whole way back in February when I linked to a talk by game designer Jesse Schell, about how games can change people’s every day lives. Looks like someone took that initiative, sandwiched it around a(n overused) meme, and created what’s probably the best “useless” app I’ve ever seen – EPIC WIN.


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The debris from a car accident where - luckily - 7 people escaped with their lives. Image credit: TV3/The Irish Times

As an Irishman, it’s pretty much a rare occasion when you go a week without hearing of an accident on our country’s roads. Many of which involve people under the age of 25, with the majority of that sector again being under the age of 20. What is it with teenagers and going too fast and too dangerous on roads? Do they have a death wish of sorts?

Kevin Myers from the Irish Independent published a fantastic piece about this in last Thursday’s Irish Independent (you can read it online in its entirety¬†here), claiming that if speeding on the road wasn’t made out to be as glamorous as it’s made out to be, and their deaths and funerals weren’t highly publicised (at least at national level in the media), perhaps they’d think twice about doing it. And I have to say, he’s bang-on. (more…)

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So in the news yesterday, the BBC lost a court case against tame racing driver, The Stig, pertaining to the attempted blocking of the release of a book by the Man in White. Had the Beeb won, the book would have been blocked for release, and the Stig would have remained anonymous. This was not the case, as the Stig has won his legal battle, and revealed his identity.

Some say… that he’s a failed scientific experiment to bring back Ayrton Senna from beyond the grave (?)… and that he survived 2 weeks in a gym bag in training for MI-6, but rejected it, as talking was part of the job description… All we know is, he’s called… (more…)

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