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… and I know there’s a fair good handful of you out there!

If there’s any feedback you have about the site, any of the games mentioned or just want to get your opinion out there, don’t be afraid to leave comments or anything like that. I will read them, and until they get insurmountable I will try my best to reply to them as well. After all, I’m still relatively new to the whole “writing constructively about videogames” thing so a couple of voices from the readers like yourselves would go down a storm in terms of helping me improve the site.

Alternately you can get me on Twitter @jayc4life, or via e-mail at jayc4lifeAThotmailDOTcoDOTuk. (BOO Spambots!)

For those of you that know me personally, I’d also gladly accept the loan of recent-ish games so I can get reviews and opinions up on them, I’m only small-time and not exactly made of money, so any little helps 😛


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