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Wow, this month’s actually really flew by hasn’t it? I never actually posted on what I got up to or how I got on in London, so I guess it’s time to get up to speed on that. (more…)


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So in the news yesterday, the BBC lost a court case against tame racing driver, The Stig, pertaining to the attempted blocking of the release of a book by the Man in White. Had the Beeb won, the book would have been blocked for release, and the Stig would have remained anonymous. This was not the case, as the Stig has won his legal battle, and revealed his identity.

Some say… that he’s a failed scientific experiment to bring back Ayrton Senna from beyond the grave (?)… and that he survived 2 weeks in a gym bag in training for MI-6, but rejected it, as talking was part of the job description… All we know is, he’s called… (more…)

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The Dacia Sandero will be in Gran Turismo 5!

Nah, I’m just screwing with ya! This post has nothing to do with Gran Turismo 5, it’s forever-delayed release, or anyone or anything associated with the BBC. (It’s still April 1st in the US as I type, shoot me.)

This post is to do with my PlayStation 3. It’s finally been replaced! So tomorrow will see the day where Final Fantasy XIII will finally be removed from its still plastic-wrapped box, and I’ll actually – FINALLY – get a chance to play it. I’ve also got a few old nik-naks to trade in, but I’m not sure whether I’ll put those towards the repair costs, or towards a new game, I’m not sure yet. But more on the replacement.


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So it’s that time of the year again, New Year’s Eve. A time to look back at the year that was, and what all you could have done but either weren’t able to, or were too lazy to at least try. I’ll not be looking back though, I’ll be looking forwards, and into 2010 in videogames. Here’s some of my top picks in terms of what you should be keeping an eye on during the start of the Tens. Man that feels funny to say, Tens. It’s not like Nineties or Eighties, or even Noughties (I’d have personally called it Zeros or Ohs but they just had to make everything rare didn’t they?). (more…)

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