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You may remember the whole way back in February when I linked to a talk by game designer Jesse Schell, about how games can change people’s every day lives. Looks like someone took that initiative, sandwiched it around a(n overused) meme, and created what’s probably the best “useless” app I’ve ever seen – EPIC WIN.



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I love Evernote. It’s absolutely boss for when it comes to starting to draft and write stuff up for the site when I’m on my lunch break at work, but when it comes to finishing off said drafts, it’s an absolute nightmare.
See the thing is, Evernote on the web is rich-text formatted by default. iPods can’t read rich text, which makes going back to edit existing notes useless, unless you just don’t bother synchronising it to your web space at all. Other than that though, it’s a handy piece of kit, far nicer to use than the default Notes app, and a lot more handier than the WordPress app, which only allows you to save drafts if you have a wifi connection rather than local cache and synchronisation. Not a big deal for iPhone users, but for me with just a plain iPod Touch, it’s kind-of a nuisance really.
Guess now you know that I actually have the structure of another post ready to flesh out now then šŸ˜›

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People that follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter will know how much I love this game. Canabalt is a Flash game and iPhone app made by Semi Secret Software. It was released in September 2009. Its premise is simple, run, jump, and survive. Simple right? Yeah it is. But there’s still a lot under the hood of this game. Is it worth the ā‚¬2.39 on the App Store? That’s what I’m about to tell you.

(Note: For any of of you out there that also read Tim Rogers over at action button dot net, there’s going to be an agreement of ideals behind the game (and others) that borderlines onĀ plagiarism. I do agree with Tim and what he said, but I’m trying my best to get my own words and feelings behind it, so Tim, if you ever stumble on this, and feel somewhat violated and pissed off that I’m ripping you off, just ask me and I’ll take it down.) (more…)

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Credit: Gawker/Gizmodo

Let’s face it, it’s only just been announced, so not every single fact is set in concrete (except the Kotaku link, because they were at the announcement). But here’s my personal pull-no-punches take on the new Apple iPad. (more…)

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