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Wow, this month’s actually really flew by hasn’t it? I never actually posted on what I got up to or how I got on in London, so I guess it’s time to get up to speed on that. (more…)


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I can’t believe it’s nearly that time already! I’d thought about for ages, talked about it for ages, and on Wednesday I’ll finally be going! And my oh my has it taken its sweet time about doing so.

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Just got word that this year’s Eurogamer Expo will be on in London this year, and I’m seriously considering going (making it my third visit to the city, and 4th to England overall). It’s on from the 1st to the 3rd of October in the Brompton Hall in Earls Court.

Tickets are retty cheap as well if you’re in the city and want to toodle on down as well. It’s £8 for a day ticket, making the whole Friday-Sunday weekend £24 overall, which is pretty damn good if you ask me, considering how expensive these events are in America, like the Penny Arcade Expos, CES, GDC, and the mack daddy, E3.

It’ll be great to get an early look in at what’s going to be the big holiday games of the year, as the timing’s absolute prime for the start of the Christmas rush, so if I do wind up going*, expect to hear plenty of what I think about all the big games, as I’ll be getting to play most of them, talk to developers (and by that it’s probably only their PR folk) about them and get a good basis of opinion on what to spend my money on.

*pending passport renewal

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