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Image Credit: The Sixth Axis/NeoGAF

A post on NeoGAF this morning suggested that the online play in new PS3 racer ModNation Racers has been region locked. Following up on the story posted over at The Sixth Axis this morning, I decided to take the question to Dan Sochan of United Front Games, who appeared on Kotaku Talk Radio this evening to talk a bit about the game and to field fan questions.

It seems that the region barrier was put up to reduce the possibilities of getting laggy matches. The logic behind it is, if you’re playing in America with a bunch of Americans and getting good speeds and no lag, the last thing you want, especially in a racing game, is someone from the far side of the Atlantic (or even Pacific for that matter) to try to connect and slow down the game for everyone else by having a higher ping, and vice versa (whichever applies to you personally).

While it makes sense when you put it that way, it certainly hasn’t stopped Mario Kart, Blur, Burnout, Gran Turismo, or any other online racing game for that matter, so it’s a bit baffling as to why start that business now. But the good news is, is that they’re looking at ways to reduce intercontinental lag, and possibly removing the region barrier in the near future whenever they do so.


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Going by the news today on EA Sports head honcho Peter Moore’s blog, the public access demo for Tiger Woods PGA Tour is now life for anyone who wants to try it out. The trial contains selected holes from the TPC course at Sawgrass, and includes the famous 17th Hole. The full game will feature other recognizable courses such as the ones at Pebble Beach, Wolf Creek and Wentworth.

You can play the demo of it here.

So with this going active, will this mean that EA will be sticking with Tiger Woods throughout his whole personal life fiasco that exploded over the news in the tail end of 2009?

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