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After hearing – and telling you – about the new browser based Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online, I figured, well, I better give it a go as well to see if it’s worth your while to sign up for a trial. And since I already had an EA Sports account from playing FIFA and NHL, I thought I’d put it to good use.



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Going by the news today on EA Sports head honcho Peter Moore’s blog, the public access demo for Tiger Woods PGA Tour is now life for anyone who wants to try it out. The trial contains selected holes from the TPC course at Sawgrass, and includes the famous 17th Hole. The full game will feature other recognizable courses such as the ones at Pebble Beach, Wolf Creek and Wentworth.

You can play the demo of it here.

So with this going active, will this mean that EA will be sticking with Tiger Woods throughout his whole personal life fiasco that exploded over the news in the tail end of 2009?

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