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Wow, this month’s actually really flew by hasn’t it? I never actually posted on what I got up to or how I got on in London, so I guess it’s time to get up to speed on that. (more…)


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So as I mentioned before, I’ve started writing news snippets and stuff over at Press X Or Die. Here’s a run down of what I’ve been up to while this place has been on the slow-burn.

Be sure to subscribe to Press X Or Die in your RSS or e-mail for all of my – and my fellow writers’ – updates.

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Prepare for things to perhaps get a bit quieter around this neck of the woods, because this week I’m moving out. Not away from home, but away from here, this site.

I’ve decided to take up an offer to write over at Press X Or Die, a blog belonging to a few friends of mine, and fellow Kotaku commenters. Most of my upcoming videogame editorials, reviews and stuff will now be primarily posted there, though I’ll update here also when I have a new post, with a brief summary and link to the full thing.

Obviously this means all the more personal-y sorta stuff is going to be posted here, but it’s also letting me move out of the primary focus of gaming and onto more general stuff. Therefore, if anything at all in the world happens, and I want to write more than 140 characters about it, you’re going to read about it here.

So hopefully you’ll all join me in my new games-blogging haven and show me and the guys a bit of support by reading and commenting whenever you can.

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